My Arrangements for Small Carousel Organs

At this point my website probably contains as many free download MIDI files in 20er Carl Frei ("Raffin"/John Smith) format as any page on the internet. There are a few 26 and 31 note files as well.

Click here to access my 20 note MIDI download page.

The WurliTzer Collection

To support the new MIDI interface for the OSI Strasse Orgel I have edited over 50 tunes scanned from Wurlitzer 125 and 150 scale rolls. Click here for information on those files and a link which allows you to download the collection at no charge.

My Best Stuff

I have decided that some of my work has risen to the point where I should receive something in return for hours of work on a selection.

I have made arrangements
to have Mel Wright (internationally known arranger and high-speed punch builder) provide the tunes below as rolls punched on his "plastic paper." In my opinion, you can not buy a better quality, or cheaper, roll anywhere and his service is great.

The 20 note arrangements can be in either the John Smith Busker or "Raffin" (standard German) format. I have made 26 and 31 note arrangements as well.

Currently I offer three American Circus "Screamers" and a couple of other tunes.

You can hear them as MP3 files. The 20 note arrangements are played on the OSI Strasse Orgel. The 26 and 31 note files were generated from the MIDI files using the PowerTracks Pro MIDI editor.

The Billboard - composed by John N. Klohr (1869-1956) in 1901  

The Melody Shop - composed by Karl L. King (1891-1971) in 1910    Melody_Shop.MP3 

Hosts of Freedom - composed by Karl King in 1920

The Star Spangled Banner
- I started work on The Star Spangled Banner by preparing MIDI files from sheet music. I used a score for concert band as arranged by E. Beyer in 1886. The band score was obtained from the Royalton (Ohio) Community Band website as a set of individual parts within a large .PDF file. By listening to the 20 note and 31 note arrangements you can get a sense of how many limitations the Carl Frei 20er scale imposes on arrangers. These are FREE MIDI files, but if you want them on paper, Mel can do the job.
Valse des cheveaux de bois - Waltz of the Wooden Horses - I liked the simplicity of this French accordion tune, and kept it, working from an accordion TAB sheet. I did it in 20er format, and you can hear it on the OSI organ.

Mel will supply rolls at prices comparable to those he charges for his other music. He usually punches a roll the same day he receives an order and ships promptly by air mail. He accepts most credit cards via PayPal. You pay Mel, and he'll punch some music for me. Contact me for details.

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